"87% of Home Buyers Use the Internet to Search for Homes"*


Can They Find You?


Your domain name is imperative to the success of your website.

Over the years the replica watches uk real estate industry has taken on many new faces, with each one setting new standards in the way real estate professionals conduct business and ultimately gain market share. Today's business environment demands a rolex replica savvy understanding and use of the Internet.


A 'Geo-Targeted' Real Estate Domain Name
  • Translates into more visitors finding your website, resulting in increased traffic to your website
  • Offers a true marketing advantage
  • Is your own unique identity
  • Sends a marketing statement that is customer targeted
  • Sends a marketing statement that is area (geo) targeted
  • Is a consistent factor that you should own as an investment in your future profitability

"The median income of Internet (home) searchers was $77,300 compared with $58,100 among those who did not use the Internet." *


Domain Name Goals
Selecting an appropriate name for your business takes careful thought...choosing a domain name for your website is just as important a decision, especially when taking into account how fiercely competitive the Internet is.

The very name that you use to advertise your product and service is the name that you will want for your domain name, because that is the first thing that people will type into their browser. It is also the easiest thing for them to remember, and whatever is easily remembered, will be more likely to be typed-in when they want to buy your product. 

  • Domain Name = Website Name  People automatically turn to the Internet for information; it pays to have a domain name that reflects your site or business. Naming a site after its domain name is important, for the simple reason that when people think of your website, they'll think of it by name. 
  • Geo-Targeted You actually benefit from having a local (geo-targeted) domain name because it matches-up with the location focus of people searching for real estate in a specific area. 
  • Keyword Rich Keywords in a domain name make it clear what the site is about. Domain names that have your site keywords in them also have an advantage in that they fare better in a number of search engines. Your site is given preference when its keywords are also found in your domain name. In the world of the Internet you can use keywords anywhere: in your domain name, title tags, page name, content on the pages - this pattern of keyword relevancy adds up to being beneficial to not only your visitors but also your site traffic. Your keywords are the "first ideas" of how you want your site to be found. 
  • Memorable  The ultimate goal is to have a domain name that is easy to Remember...easy to Spell...and easy to Say. 
  • Synergistic The geo-targeted real estate domain name provides seamless integration to reinforce and compliment every facet of your real estate business.
  • Search Engine Ranking Search Engines take a good look at the words in your domain name when deciding what your website is about and how to rank it. No website can afford to ignore search engine rankings. The higher your search engine ranking, the more traffic you will receive. For example, Google will rank a domain name higher in the search results, for a given term, if the keywords appear in the domain name itself.
  • Brandable The best type of domain name is one that is brandable and is keyword rich. Your real world brand enables Internet users to find your website simply by recalling "What you do...and...Where you do it". 
  • .com -"It's Best" You should always aim for the .com version of a domain name, that's what most people will go to after doing a search or after typing something directly into their browser. 
  • No Hyphens Hyphens are confusing to remember and offer no word-of-mouth value when heard outside the Internet venue. Statistics have shown most customers will omit hyphens when typing a domain name and end up at a competitor's website (without hyphens). Another reason is domain names with hyphens are appraised at a significantly lower value in than the same name without hyphens.

The Value of a 'Geo-Targeted' Real Estate Domain Name

'Geo-Targeted' Real Estate Domain Names are phrase worthy domain names. The keywords used in these domain names describe exactly what the visitor is looking for...it's a natural. And, they are proven to be a real "client catcher" that will promote growth and mature into a valuable business asset. These 'Geo-Targeted' Real Estate Domain Names are related directly to a locale (geo-targeted) and to the real estate industry. But, more than that they are phrased in a way that is very natural for the visitor to recognize, remember and recall when they sit down at their computer. Since these keywords are related to the real estate industry and will aid in your search engine rankings

Our geo-targeted domain names have been acquired based on high visibility and relevant search engine rankings derived from geo-targeted keyword usage.

This could be the perfect recipe for gaining the competitive edge in your marketplace.

The choice is yours...

"Continue doing business the way that you always have" or
"Begin the adventure to 'Dominate Your Market'".


Take a look at the Geo-Targeted Real Estate Domain Names which are currently available for sale or for lease. Simply enter your city or state of interest and the list of available real estate domains will be displayed. Discover how a Geo-Targeted Real Estate Domain Name can be used to benefit your real estate business!


"81% of buyers rated the Internet and real estate agents as very useful information sources." *


*National Association of REALTORS® - Profile of Home Buyers and Home Sellers 2008

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