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Buy a 'Geo-Targeted' Real Estate Domain Name

All of our Geo-Targeted Real Estate Domain Names were carefully researched and selected for their natural ability to achieve strategic, high visibility marketing results and relevant search engine rankings. They represent a marketing statement that is visitor targeted. Our Geo-Targeted Real Estate Domain Names are easy to recognize, remember, and recall when the visitor is ready to visit your site. Each domain name is 100% unique and is a '.com' (that's the best). The right domain name can substantially enhance your business image and marketing reach.  Premium real estate domain names continue to increase in value.

"83% of buyers who used the Internet to search for a home noted they used a real estate agent in their purchase, compared with 65% of buyers who did not use the Internet to search." *

Buying A Domain Name
The process of purchasing a Geo-Targeted Real Estate Domain Name begins with selecting the domain name(s) and completing the request information form for specific domain name(s). If you have selected a domain name which was listed as "Email for $$$" we will reply to your email with the pricing for that domain name. (We will communicate mainly via email...however, if you wish to communicate with us by phone (or fax) our numbers can be found at the bottom of each of the pages in this site.) Once we have agreed on the domain name(s) and pricing, we will prepare the Domain Name Transfer Agreement.

When the Domain Name Transfer Agreement has been completed (usually within 24 hours) we will fax or email (whichever you prefer) a copy to you. You will need to sign the transfer agreement and return it to us via fax or email. Once we receive your signed Transfer Agreement we will execute it and return a copy to you.

Payment of the purchase price can be completed by wire transfer, bank/cashier's check, credit card,, or the transaction may be completed through an escrow service. Depending on the method of payment that you select, there may be additional fees due for those services. For example, charges a fee of 3.2% of the total transaction and wire transfers range from $20 - $30 per transaction side. We will be happy to give you an estimate of the fees for the different options, to help you decide which option is best for your financial situation. Once payment has been received and verified; we will complete all contractual requirements for transferring ownership of the domain name to you.

"Photos and information about properties for sale were teh two features taht ranked as ver useful by more than 80% of buyers in the home search." *


Take a look at the Geo-Targeted Real Estate Domain Names which are currently available for sale or for lease. Simply enter your city or state of interest and the list of available real estate domains will be displayed. Discover how a Geo-Targeted Real Estate Domain Name can be used to benefit your real estate business!

*National Association of REALTORS® - Profile of Home Buyers and Home Sellers 2008