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Lease a 'Geo-Targeted' Real Estate Domain Name

All of our Geo-Targeted Real Estate Domain Names were carefully researched and selected for their natural ability to achieve strategic, high visibility marketing results and relevant search engine rankings. They represent a marketing statement that is visitor targeted. Our Geo-Targeted Real Estate Domain Names are easy to recognize, remember, and recall when the visitor is ready to visit your site. Each domain name is 100% unique and is a '.com' (that's the best). The right domain name can substantially enhance your business image and marketing reach. Premium real estate domain names continue to increase in value.

There are several advantages to leasing a domain name. Leasing gives you the opportunity to "test drive" the marketing advantages our Geo-Targeted Real Estate Domain Names can create for your business before committing to a domain name purchase.

Our one-year lease program provides you with time to develop and market your Internet presence with confidence first.
  • Cost - There is a minimum lease amount of $50 per month with a 1 year lease for domain names priced at or below $9,999. Lease amounts for domain names priced above $10,000 are calculated at between 6% - 7% of the purchase price. The lease payments are due in equal monthly installments and payable in advance (at the beginning of the month cycle). The monthly amount will be paid by a pre-authorized credit card.
  • Time - a lease gives you the time and extra resources needed to get your new web site business off the ground or aggressively market an existing web site using our keyword domain name(s).

"94% of home buyers in the 25 to 44-year-old age group used the Internet to search for a home, the highest share among buyers of all ages."*

How It Works
Select a domain name that you'reinterested in from our list of Geo-Targeted Real Estate Domain Names. Submit the request information form and we will provide you with the lease pricing. Once agreed, you will be provided a lease agreement via fax or email (whichever you prefer).

You will need to sign the agreement and return it to us with your pre-authorization for monthly payments details. Once we've received and process your payment we will direct the domain name to the name server (DNS) or IP address you request.

Pre-Lease Terms
Neither you nor any of your affiliates may trademark, patent, or copyright the leased domain name. No domain name shall be used by you or any of your affiliates to facilitate any illegal activity. Any use of the leased domain name must comply with all applicable state, federal and international laws and regulations. The lease agreement will contain more specific and particular terms.

Take a look at the Geo-Targeted Real Estate Domain Names which are currently available for sale or for lease. Simply enter your city or state of interest and the list of available real estate domains will be displayed. Discover how a Geo-Targeted Real Estate Domain Name can be used to benefit your real estate business!

*National Association of REALTORS® - Profile of Home Buyers and Home Sellers 2008