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Benefits of a 'Geo-Targeted' Real Estate Domain Name

  • It brings targeted traffic to your web site through searches using keywords which match your brand identity and services.
  • Keywords used by potential visitors searching for your services will attract clients that might otherwise end up at a competitor's website.
  • A geo-targeted domain name can be used to direct traffic to your existing domain name and website.
  • Attracts clients seeking services and products who simply type in the 'Geo-Targeted' Real Estate Domain Name.
  • Geo-Targeted Real Estate Domain Names are easy to remember...thus increasing the probability that visitors become repeat customers or regular clients.
  • Geo-Targeted Real Estate Domain Names are proven to provide better search engine results than just a company domain name.
  • One advantage to having a Geo-Targeted Real Estate Domain Name is that it is so rich in keywords that you don't have to worry about using targeted anchor text when building links. Links without targeted anchor text always look the most natural to Google.
  • Visitors that arrive at a website via a Geo-Targeted Real Estate Domain Name are typically already pre-sold on the product or service related to the geo-targeted keywords used.

"89% of first-time buyers used the Internet compared with repeat buyers at 86%"*

Take a look at the Geo-Targeted Real Estate Domain Names which are currently available for sale or for lease. Simply enter your city or state of interest and the list of available real estate domains will be displayed.

*National Association of REALTORS® - Profile of Home Buyers and Home Sellers 2007